"After many years of emotional, spiritual abuse in my marriage, I developed fibromyalgia and complex PTSD. Akemi worked with me with her massage and bodywork techniques (as well as channeling my spiritual guides). I had a rapid response to her treatments. My body is healing itself and my mind has become much more stable. I was able to clear a lot of the past trauma, by seeing what it was and releasing it through my body. Akemi is extraordinarily professional, skilled and intuitive in the work she does. I highly recommend her services."
              - M.L. - Retired Nurse, Parent Consultant Social Services Resources and Referral

    "I have been seeing Akemi for over 4 years. I used to suffer from anxiety, chronic pain and other health challenges, but over the years, Akemi has helped me overcome these issues using a combination of Shiatsu, Reiki and other forms of healing to address not only the physical issues, but the emotional and spiritual ones too. It's never a dull moment when I go to Akemi. I come out of the treatment feeling rejuvenated and calm. She is a caring, compassionate and truly gifted healer. I continue to see her at least once a month for a body reboot."
              - L.F. - Administrative Assistant, Reiki Practitioner

    "I have been having Akemi's shiatsu massage almost weekly since December 31, 2014. And my husband also has her treatment regularly for various symptoms. (We usually go to our GP for checkup only)

    In December, 2014 I started having headaches everyday continuously and my blood pressure became very high. After three and half weeks of the symptoms, even my acupuncturist couldn't cure it, I became scared and ended up in ER (my GP was not available because of the holiday). A doctor at ER even scanned my brain, but couldn't find the cause for my symptoms.

    Then my acupuncturist referred me to Akemi. She visited me immediately and after only one session my headache was 40% better. After three sessions my headache was gone. She advised me to take herbal remedy for my blood pressure because I refused the prescription from my GP.

    After several months of her treatment, not only my headache didn't come back, but eczema on my knees which bothered me for almost 40 years was gone. I had known that stress caused it. It means her treatment is working not only on certain symptoms, but myself as the whole.

    She is not just a good masseur, but a real healer. Not so many massage therapists can feel energy (Qi) and control it in the precise manner as she does. It's a great gift, which both my husband and I very much appreciate. I strongly believe in prevention and her treatment is one of the best things one can have to prevent disease."
              - S. N. - Translator, Homemaker

    "Before receiving shiatsu treatments I suffered from frequent neck and back pain and headaches. I used to just put up with the pain hoping it would go away. I suffer from cerebral palsy which affects the nervous system and causes involuntary muscle spasms and affects my coordination. Akemi's shiatsu techniques have helped to improve my blood circulation by working on various trigger points throughout my entire body. As a result, my nervous system becomes calmer and allows me to relax thereby reducing the spasms in my body.

    The energy that is transmitted through Akemi's treatments really does make me feel more energized. I feel rejuvenated and revitalized after the session, and any pain which I was feeling before the treatment diminishes drastically.

    Shiatsu enables me to work at my computer for longer periods of time. I feel that I have better concentration. I have also noticed that the coordination in my golf game has improved. I have become less stressed and am able to cope better with situations in my daily life. I really feel that I owe this to the benefits of shiatsu with the addition of better nutrition. I would highly recommend Akemi for her Shiatsu Therapy."
              - Dan G., Business System Analyst

    "I find that the treatments I get on a regular basis helps me function in life and something which I love to do, golf. Before I started the treatments I was unable to finish 9 holes at a small course, now I walk and play a full size course twice in a day."
              - Paul L., Patient

    "A friend recommended Akemi to me last September (06). I was suffering from headaches which were aggravated by coughing. I was very impressed with the way Akemi listened carefully to what I was saying, questioned me for clarification about my symptoms and systematically checked my body and head for tender areas I believed she genuinely cared for my well being. I came away from my first session feeling relaxed and assured that Akemi would help me. I always look forward to my visits.

    Akemi is a professional in her approach and treatment of my health problems. She is also a warm, caring person and I believe that these attributes, along with her knowledge and skills in shiatsu have contributed to my improved well being. The neurologist told me to take aspirin. Akemi taught me exercises to do to help ease the headaches. During and after each session with Akemi, I am relaxed, centered and calm. She has the ability to "treat" the individual, not just the symptoms. I am much improved since last September. Thank you Akemi for all your help."
              - L.C., Retired Nurse

    (excerpt from a larger testimonial)
    "I still remember clear details of my first Zen Shiatsu treatment. In June 1994, I had telephoned the Zen Shiatsu Institute (now Shiatsu Kokoro Dojo) to inquire about a shiatsu massage, booking an appointment with Akemi Nakamura . . . I feel that I can quite unequivocally state that shiatsu has had a profound and highly positive effect on my life. As a classical guitarist I am more relaxed, centered, focused and expressive when I practice and perform, and as a teacher I am not only more patient with my students, but also more aware of and increasingly able to respond to their needs. I have a deeper understanding of myself and I feel that I am better able to act on that understanding in a meaningful fashion.

    The most significant change that I have undergone, however, involves the clearing of blockages relating to my emotional life and to my creative capacity. I had, in the past, composed music, but it was usually only under times of intense emotional duress; the labour was hard and the results, while possessing some quality, were meager in quantity. I had not written anything at all for some twelve years when … after a year and half of treatments, I started composing guitar pieces like a man possessed.

    During the past two and a half years I have composed over fifty classical guitar pieces, made many solo and duo arrangements, and am currently (at the time this testimonial was written) halfway through writing a classical guitar method book.

    … I know on an intuitive level that the positive changes that I have undergone in the last few years are, for the most part, directly attributable to my shiatsu treatments, and that in many ways, particularly in a musical sense, the quality of my life has improved in a clear and measurable fashion."
              - Richard S., Musician, Teacher, Examiner, Royal Conservatory of Music

Self-care is Healthcare, True Health is True Wealth

To fast track you with your wellness goals, and maximize your health potential, self-care techniques and suggestions are available to you after every session. As a long-time meditator, yoga practitioner and former yoga teacher, simple yoga postures, breathing techniques and exercises which specifically target joints and problem areas are available to you after every session. The following are testimonials from some of my former yoga students in the Recreational Program at Momiji, Toronto:

    "Yoga classes with Akemi has helped me by improved blood circulation, approved by my physician. Before yoga I was listless, tired with no energy… my heart condition for the past 5 years has improved considerably and my physician is very pleased. My love is golfing, swimming and various other sport activities thanks to yoga."
              - T. Kubota (senior in his 70's)

    "Before yoga I was rigid, bad tempered with myself having suffered spinal damage from an accident…had neuropathy in legs and feet. I had agoraphobia, anxiety and depression…loss of sensory fibers in my feet, no ankle reflexes, arthritis in my knees and possibly osteoporosis. I was very depressed. I am gaining a new strength and feel much better about myself and others…I have more interest in life and it is no longer a blank canvas. Thank you Akemi."
              - C. Henry

    "Yoga classes with Akemi has helped me by providing me with an enjoyable class of relaxation and at the same time, exercising in a gentle way. Before yoga I never took the time for this kind of enjoyment. I feel fresh and relaxed. It's my time for me! Due to a past hemiplegia from a severe brain injury, my left side continues to need stretching and strengthening which I get from yoga. I can tell the difference! My hobby of gardening requires good flexibility and yoga helps me maintain this without any injuries throughout the season. Thanks again, much appreciated."
              - C. Dabrowski

    "… I was not aware of my body; therefore I could not take steps to adjust tense muscles, etc. Now I can. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Akemi's yoga classes are so life-enhancing that I feel they are almost medically necessary. The breath training carries over into daily life."
              - M.Gillespie

Please feel free to have a short consultation about self-care after your massage
appointment. For more in depth breath-training or yoga consultations, please speak
with me about arranging a convenient time.