Shiatsu, Massage and Healing Mediumship

  These sessions tend to be the treatments most frequently requested by my clients, and work on healing in a very deep way. Old reoccurring habits, deep-rooted emotional patterns, trauma, difficulty in relationships with loved ones or co-workers, depression, etc. create stress. These thought patterns and emotions will impact the quality of life and physical health.

To effectively treat with healing mediumship, I work with clients to open up meridian pathways and enhance balance within the acupuncture points via shiatsu (manual pressure and energy support on the points), and massage. This not only helps provide increased energy flow for balance, detoxification and healing, but creates a deeper sense of calm, receptivity and grounds the body for spiritual rejuvenation.

  During the last phase of the session, with the client's permission I work with healing mediumship to help unlock and transform underlying thoughts and feelings affecting the subtle body, and to enhance client intuition. These energies affect many aspects of the client's wellbeing, day to day decision making, opportunities, and what we may focus on. Other aspects of mediumship often become available, always in an environment of safety, integrity, happiness, client directed goals and compassion. 90 min/ $90