Aromatherapy Massage

  Imagine wandering the sunlit lavender fields in Southern France, or taking a leisurely stroll amongst the citrus groves of Italy. In a moment you are instantly transported to the exotic locales of Morocco, Africa and India where your body is bathed in the essences of geranium, frankincense and sandalwood. Quite simply, an hour of bliss is easily yours with Aromatherapy Massage.

Unlike fragrance oils, inaccurately called essential oils by many soap and shampoo ads, real essential oils are a high concentration of aromatic plant essences. They are literally the therapeutic extracts of a plant's immune system. Their healing properties include antiviral,
antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and mood and immune enhancing effects, and
are up to 75% more concentrated than dried herbs.

  My treatments utilize a variety of massage techniques, predominantly Swedish, Shiatsu and Esalen-style to enhance your aromatherapy experience. I only use 100% therapeutic...

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